Air Conditioning Service Brisbane

Air Conditioning Service & Maintenance Brisbane

For over 25-years Active Air Solutions has serviced air conditioning systems for domestic and commercial clients in Brisbane. We have earned a stellar reputation for providing outstanding customer service, and that has been the foundation of our business’s success.

Why Air Conditioning Servicing is Important

Proper service and maintenance of your air conditioning system are paramount for many important reasons. Due to the warm, sub-tropical climate of Brisbane, we are highly reliant on air-conditioning for our homes and work. As such, regular maintenance is required to ensure our air conditioning systems are operating with maximum efficiency and help us avoid costly replacement costs.

There are also numerous other benefits. Here are the top reasons for air conditioning service in Brisbane:

Enhance indoor air quality

Regular aircon maintenance will allow for clean air circulating in your home or office. Air conditioning filters gather dust, pollens and other pollutants and your health can benefit greatly from keeping them clean. Many ailments are attributed to poor air quality, including asthma, hay fever, allergies, sinus issues and more.

Save money on your electricity bill

A reduction in your energy bill will offset the money spent on servicing your air conditioner. Periodically maintaining your air conditioner will ensure maximum efficiency that you will notice each quarter when your electricity bill arrives.

Save money on replacement costs

Service avoidance can lead to premature component failure and system breakdowns, which are much more expensive to rectify than a service call. Regular service is estimated to extend the life of your system by 10 years, saving you thousands.

Avoid warranty disputes

Warranty requirements can vary across the major aircon brands. The safest way to ensure warranty compliance is to schedule servicing regularly and as set out by the manufacturer.

Why choose us for air conditioning service in Brisbane?

  • Our team of experts have decades of experience and specialise in all facets of air conditioning installation and servicing.
  • Our anti-bacterial flush is industry-leading; it is non-corrosive, non-toxic, guaranteed to eliminate all airborne contaminants, and is safe for all home or building occupants.
  • Our maintenance service is cost-effective with minimal disruption. We guarantee that your air conditioning system will run more efficiently, and your air quality significantly improved after our visit.
  • Our business is customer service orientated, so we strive to ensure the entire experience dealing with AAS will be stress-free and enjoyable. We offer scheduled maintenance programs, so you don’t have to remember when your next service is due.

Call us today to schedule your next air conditioning service and find out why we are the best air conditioning service company in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Our aircon service area includes:

Brisbane, Northside, Southside, Gold Coast, Hinterlands, Sunshine Coast, Logan, Beenleigh, Redlands, Redcliffe, Caboolture and surrounds.